Children's Dentist Little Italy Toronto

Are you under the misconception that a child's primary or "baby teeth" are less important because they are "just going to fall out anyway"?

Let's dispel that mindset right now!

Primary teeth hold an important place in a person's development into adulthood... literally. Aside from chewing, primary teeth are integral as placeholders and spacers for adult teeth, they are important in speech development, oral and complete body health, and let's not forget self-confidence.

To recognize potential problems and focus on prevention, we recommend that you bring your child to see us as soon as their new teeth are starting to erupt, usually around their first birthday.

As your child reaches the age of three, they will likely have their primary teeth, twenty in total. Their permanent teeth will soon follow, making regular dental visits extremely important.

At our dental office in Little Italy, your child's comfort is a priority. Years of experience with children in a dental environment have helped us to create a smooth and relaxed dental experience. An early introduction to the dental office will help to ease future anxiety, as well as promote the best smile your child can have, one tooth at a time!

If you have any questions regarding your child's oral health and development, please don't hesitate to ask us on your next visit or contact us today.