Dental Fillings Little Italy Toronto

Fillings are used to restore teeth damaged by decay back to their original shapes, thus allowing them to function normally. When you come to Clinton Dental to get a filling, Dr. Paul Branco will first remove the decayed material, clean the damaged area, and then fill out the cavity with a filling material.

A filling will close off spaces in the tooth where bacteria can enter. It will also help prevent further decay. For over a century, amalgam, also called "silver fillings", have been used to fill tooth cavities. Amalgam is resistant to wear and can withstand the strong forces exerted during chewing. However, amalgam fillings have come under scrutiny due to their mercury content and their dark colour: they stand out against natural teeth and, as a result, amalgam is not commonly used now to fill visible teeth.

Recent advancements in filling material have made it possible for a composite resin to hold up to the stresses put on a tooth. The composite resin is a light-sensitive material that is placed directly into the cavity. It is then shaped to look like a natural tooth and then light-cured with a special light. Even small composite fillings can help maintain tooth strength, protection and seal. These conservative fillings preserve more of the natural tooth, thus reducing the risk of future fractures.

In comparison to amalgam fillings, composite fillings are slightly more expensive due to the materials used and the procedure involved. Aesthetically, however, composite fillings can be colour-matched to your natural teeth, making them virtually indistinguishable.

To learn more about composite or white fillings and how they can benefit your smile, contact our Little Italy dental office today!